Calgary named cultural capital of Canada for 2012

This year 2012, Calgary is the  Cultural Capital of Canada. The city will shine with the centennial anniversary of major cultural institutions like the Stampede, Public Library, Grand theatre and Pumphouse. 

The cosmopolitan city of Calgary is composed of proud people from all walks of life, living together, celebrating, sharing and creating a cultural mosaic of our own accord. 

Afrikadey! is proud to be recognised for its pioneering role in the presentation of culturally diverse arts in the city.

We are elated that Calgary 2012 organisers are funding Afrikadey! festival to help connect Calgarians  to the deep roots of Africa's rich arts and culture.. 

Come join us and take part in the celebrations of 2012.  For more information aboutCalgary 2012 please visit:

Posted on May 6, 2013 .