Come with Afrikadey! and SJ Tours on a CULTURAL Safari

Feel the heartbeat of Yorubaland in Nigeria through an appreciation of its Rich cultural heritage.

9 nights | October 28 to November 5

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Replenish your Spirit!

Come explore what feels like the raw edges of the world to immerse yourself in deep and layered cultures.  From Yoruba shrines to the slave ports and the river deltas, we will take you on a stunning voyage thru breath-taking natural environments where you will meet fascinating people with captivating stories.   Take this wonderful journey with us and replenish your Spirit!


Included in your tour

  • Airport transfers
  • Accommodation
  • Touring by air-conditioned bus
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Cultural troupe
  • Tie and dye workshop
  • Experienced tour guides
  • Access to sites and attractions
  • Nigerian snacks
  • Drum and dance workshop
  • Good times!

Only $4000 USD per person!



Places of Interest

  • Nike Art Gallery
  • Olumo Rock
  • Idanre Hills
  • Indigo Market
  • Osun Grove
  • Freedom Park
  • Ido-Osun
  • Ake Palace
  • New Afrika Shrine
  • Boat Cruise
  • Badagry Museum

And much more…


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Located at the Lekki Penninsula axis of Lagos is the spectacular Nike Art Gallery, a must visit for art lovers and even non art lovers.
The Gallery features an amazing collection of different Nigerian and West African Art. The works cover top quality sculptures, woodwork, paintings, antiques and indigenous hand designed fabrics. The Nike Art Gallery is truly African as it exhibits the rich culture of Nigeria and the rest of Africa. It is reported to be West Africa's largest art gallery.


Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos, Lagos Island, Nigeria which was formerly Her Majesty's Broad Street Prison. Constructed to preserve the heritage of Lagos, this former prison site has undergone a rebirth and now captures the attention of fun lovers in Lagos.

The Park has an amphitheater, museum, resource center, gallery, souvenir shops and food courts with several restaurants with both local and international delicacies (including one strictly for vegetarians) and it has two bars and a Lounge.

It is a venue with great ambiance for diverse social events and recreational entertainment such as drama events, live bands, dance troupes, film festivals.  Nice place to visit if you want a taste of authentic Lagos enjoyment.

The New Afrika Shrine is an open air entertainment centre located in Ikeja, Lagos State. It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival. Run by the legendary Fela Kuti’s children and keeping his legacy alive, the New Afrika Shrine is a truly delightful experience in afrobeat. The Shrine is set up in a huge warehouse-like space, The musicians accompanying Femi Kuti are excellent and enthusiastic.
Besides the music, the Shrine also doubles as artistic showroom. It has a mini-library and souvenir shops selling Fela's mementoes. The walls of the shrine are covered in Africa-themed motifs, paintings and photographs of the late Fela (and extended family) as well as of some of Africa’s accomplished personalities (like Nelson Mandela and Kwameh Nkrumah) and African-American icons (like Martin Luther-King and Malcolm X). Food and drinks are available for purchase.

African palaces are the custodian of the people’s culture and tradition and the Ake palace is not different. It is the Palace of the paramount ruler of the Egba people, The Alake of Egba land.

The Palace is located in Abeokuta, which literally means 'a city under the rock'. Abeokuta was founded in 1830, by refugee’s of the Yoruba wars, who sought refuge under the natural protection of the formidable Olumo Rock. A city with a proud cosmopolitan attitude, based on a strong recognition of tradition and openness to western influence via the early Missionaries of the CMS Church.

The ancient Ake Palace was built in 1854 and this was replaced by a newer building in 1900, which also replaced by the present Ake Palace in 1985. One of the most striking features are the wooden figurines, lined up in the front of the old Ake Palace. Many of these figurines represent old warriors, Kings and prominent people.

The Ake Place is unique because it houses the first bible in Nigeria brought by the missionaries.

Olumo rock, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria, West Africa, sits in the ancient city center of Abeokuta – a name which means “Under the rock”. Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during inter-tribal wars in the 19th century. The rock provided sanctuary to the people as well as a vantage point to monitor the enemy’s advance leading to eventual triumph in war.

This rock holds and tells a lot about the history of the Egba people. It is indeed a natural wonder. The apex of the rock is about 300 meters above sea level and from there you can have an amazing view of Abeokuta town. Elevators are available to transport visitors to the apex of the rock, if you don't want to climb the stairs, which have also been beautifully constructed.

Art Gallery, Museum, Restaurants and Water Fountain are also in the premises. For lovers of Arts and Craft, adventure and natural scenic beauty, visiting this rock is a must.

The hill of Idanre is one of the most awesome and beautiful natural landscapes in Nigeria. It is located in Idanre Town, about 24 kilometres southwest of Akure, Ondo State capital in Ondo State, Nigeria. It resides 3000 ft above sea level. Added to its beauty which fires human curiosity is the fact that the entire people of Idanre lived on these boulders for almost a millennium.

Idanre hill is venue of several festivals. These festivals provides occasions for reconciliation of the low-landers and their natural environments as well as reenactments of historical episodes in local Idanre history and its wider Yoruba ideology, mythology and confederacy.

Apart from the festivals, which make the site a living tradition, the flora and fauna of the hills are also unique. There is a special species of tailless animal called Hyrax that lives on the rocks. The site is home to a group of bats and the people hold a unique festival of bats every year. The hill also plays host to a group of scientists and field researchers. The hill is being used by filmmakers as location for many of their films.

Among notable sites that catch the fancy of tourists are the unreadable letters, believed to be a mysterious handwriting etched on the rock, which could not be deciphered or read and interpreted by anyone since it was noticed conspicuously on the rock. Also, there is the Arun River, which is believed to have natural power to heal all kinds and manners of ailments and diseases, and it has been visited by many people over the years. The Agbogun footprint presents an attractive mythical shoeprint which could fit into the size of anyone who put his foot into it, regardless of the size of his foot.