Artist Line Up 2016

Sandra Izsadore


Born in Los Angeles, Sandra Izsadore's ideology is shaped by the ills of society. As a young girl, Sandra’s dream was to become an entertainer. Sandra studied acting and African dance in Los Angeles and it was during this period that she met Fela Ransome-Kuti; at this time he was looking for a singer. Sandra became that singer and the person who introduced him to black consciousness. It was during this revolutionary period in Los Angeles that Afro Beat was born through Sandra’s influence on Fela. Fela left America and five months later sent for Sandra to come to Nigeria and work with his band. Sandra stayed in Nigeria singing and working with Fela for seven months before returning to the U.S. Before she returned, Sandra recorded "Upside Down" with Fela, making her the only female vocalist to be featured in his music.


Sangea is a common name given to a girl in Liberia which means "female leader". Sangea started in December 2012. The group started with 3 members and has grown up to 10 members over the years. We perform at Community events, Weddings, Private parties, Fundraisers, Festivals and so on.

We perform west African Traditional music and dance that dates back hundreds of years. This group has members from both the Latin and African community. The African and Latin culture are very similar and because of our similarities and little differences, when combined, we have a great connection. Like the Latin culture, the African culture has rhythm in every movement. There is rhythm in the way we Walk, Speak, Work and etc. Sangea is the award winner of the "Fil Fraser Award 2015, for Outstanding Performance", winner of the "Afro Canadian Heros, Artist of the year 2014" and also the winner of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 "Excellent Community Initiative Group Award" by Action for Healthy Communities. The objective of this group is to share and preserve the African culture through music and arts. We use our energetic music (Drumming, Singing, Poetry & Dance) as a tool to build cultural bridges in the community.

Goldstar AdValorem & Tropical Best La Musica

Goldstar AdValorem is a West African artist from Ghana with roots in Togo and the Ivory Coast.  He started music at a very young age (piano) and composed his first song at the age of 10.

Multi instrumentalist (Keyboards, bass & lead guitar), he started singing in 1995 and released his first single “Kole Sere” in 1997.  An eclectic artist, his music is deeply influenced by Zouk (French West Indies), Makossa (Cameroon), Hi life (Ghana), Zoblazo/Zogoda (Ivory Coast) and Congolese Rumba & Soukouss (Congo DR).  After the success of “Kole Sere”, he pursued his career as a musician, producer and promoter for the next 18 years, playing festivals in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Regina, Saskatoon etc… and collaborating with Congolese stars like Moto de Kapia, DeBleu Kinanga, Senateur Isaac and Roi Simba.

Past member of the legendary Congolese band “Mulolo Plus” & the Ghanaian Hi-life band “Kassade”, Goldstar released two additional singles “Elavo” (Suffering will end) in 2010 and “Fafa ne va” (Let there be peace) in 2015.  Goldstar performance is a dancing trip that will take you from sunny shores of the french West Indies to the Savanna and Forest of West and Central Africa.

For Afrikadey 2016, Goldstar will be performing with “Tropical Best la Musica” a selection of the best Afro Caribbean artists in Calgary. Come prepared to dance!


Josue Eurico Nsiamfumu

Josue Eurico Nsiamfumu was born in 16th April in DR Congo.  This gospel artist began singing at the age of 10. A few years later, he became Minister of the Gospel and this opportunity allowed him to visit and sing in several countries.

He hosted the show 'La Parole Parlée' on ECHOSPORHETIQUE RTV France and 'Future Calgary', a program that promotes the development and activities of Calgary at an international level.

In 2014, he produced an album entitled 'Los Angeles' with songs he sings in several languages: Lingala, French,Portuguese, English and Hebrew. In 2016 he is preparing the new Album Crazy of Love, coming soon with songs like The Big Canada, the Refugee, I try etc... The man of trilingua langues.


Sammy Jean is noted for her distinct vocal sound but the Calgary born singer is also becoming well known for her gift of songwriting. You are likely to hear her perform either acoustically or with backing band The Samsonites comprised of some of Calgary's top upcoming talent. Sammy has always had a great passion and love for all genres and puts this love to work when writing her memorable music. She has developed a sound that reminisces old Kingston town roots reggae, aka, old school soul, jazz and Motown, but manages to maintain her individuality.

In an evening with Sammy Jean and the Samsonites, you will enjoy both a selection of fresh originals as well as ageless covers delivered with endless energy. Sammy has won 1st place in Vancouver's Canadian Icon Competition for singing, placed in the top ten mark for Calgary's Folk Fest Writing Competition.  Among many others, her latest achievement is receiving second in a writing competition through Calgary's GrooveTheory Jam to perform at Afrikadey Fest in 2015.  You will hear Sammy regardless if you are inside or outside the venue she is performing as she has a powerful voice that carries evocative of old 1960's soul stars.

Wura Samba

Wura Samba, a seven member band led by Abiodun Abraham Oke, uses traditional percussion instruments in a modernized way. Abiodun Abraham Oke, a versatile, talented and experienced drummer and percussionist, plays his instruments with such dexterity and passion that lends the band its uniqueness. Wura Samba’s music can be characterized as a fusion of traditional African folk songs and rhythms with a classical and modern usage of various percussion instruments.

Mohamed Tounkara

Artistic Director of Tounkara Dance and Drum, Mohamed Tounkara is a master dancer, musician, choreographer and keeper of Guinean tradition. He is an exhilarating dancer, gifted musician and approachable teacher from Conakry, Guinée, West Africa.

For 10 years, Mohamed served as a percussionist, dancer, choreographer as well as assistant to Sekouba Camara, the director of the world renowned company, Ballet De Matam. Mohamed is a master artist with experience performing, choreographing and teaching both dancing and drumming to children and adults of all levels. He is recognized for his clear and gracious teaching style and can adapt his teaching to the needs of his students. Mohamed shares the rich pedagogical and bountiful cultural tradition of Guinean dance and drumming openly and he inspires his students to appreciate the beauty and significance of this tradition in a contemporary context.

In addition to his regular classes, Mohamed organizes dance and drum excursions to Guinée, West Africa and Mexico.

Youssou Seck

This native of Senegal moved to Canada in 1991. For over a decade in Montreal, Seck was the percussionist and songwriter with Juno Award winning West African band, Takadja.  During this time, he toured extensively throughout Canada and the USA. He founded also Baobab Électrique and played for seven years in festivals, clubs, events and school programs throughout Quebec and the Maritimes. Their popularity also led to Seck receiving an award for Best Story Teller from Multi Montreal Festival. 

In 2003, Seck moved to Calgary where he has developed a strong following in the World Music scene. He hosts ongoing World Beat nights at local venues and released his first solo album, Alisa in 2005. In June 2013 in Sénégal, he launched “Diouli”, a new CD produced in Dakar with the famous Jimmy Mbaye. Another CD, “Musicians”, produced in Calgary was released in 2014. 

On stage, Youssou Seck will synchronize your heart beat to his percussions, titillating every fiber of your soul with his delicate strings and stories. Originally from Senegal, he composes songs in Wolof, his native language, with sometimes a bit of English and French. With his generous smile, sensitive heart and his warming gestures, Youssou shares his faith for humanity through his music. For him, the stage is another gift of life.

I am the Mountain

I Am the Mountain layer brass and string accents beneath the loving vocal delivery of songwriter, Colton O'Reilly. With a freshly introduced songbook of laid-back sounds from Western Canada's lake country – with the release of their debut EP, While Off Adventuring – this collective's rotating cast of young musicians breathe friendship into every room, or campfire they grace. - Welcome to the West!


"The Rondel Roberts Band" is a neo-soul band from Calgary, Alberta. "Neo-soul" is a broad facet of music that borrows from a variety of classic and modern genres such as Motown, Post Bop Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk. "The Rondel Roberts Band" is a groove/backbeat oriented project with contemporary original content and a variety of timeless influences. The band offers audiences authentic interpretations of these influences with performances that adorn Reggae, Dancehall, Pop and even some 60's Rock music.

Tube driven guitar tones, "sweet spot" bass lines, pulsating drums topped with sultry vocals are characteristics that draw listeners to TRRB's profound songwriting and masterful soundscaping.

Munya Mataruse

Munya Mataruse is a Zimbabwean Artist based in Edmonton Alberta Canada. He formed his Band in 2005 at Pakare Paye Arts Centre which is an arts organization formed and managed by Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi. His music is a unique blend of styles ranging from Afro Jazz, Katekwe and Shangara (the local traditional zimbabwean genre). His sound is recognizable with intensely catchy Zimbabwean melodies and smooth vocals.

With the help from Pakare Paye Arts Centre he managed to do numerous performances to school based audiences, weddings, corporate functions, community galas, fundraising concerts, road shows, birthday parties, festivals namely: Harare Jazz Festival, Victoria Falls Jazz Festival, Hifa 2010 - 2012 - 2013, Winter Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz festival (Ottawa, Canada) to mention a few.

While still taking every opportunity to gig, he recorded his 2 albums "Denguremhodzi" and "Pashangara" under TUKUMUSIC/ PAKARE PAYE label.

The North Sound

What is the North Sound? 

The North Sound is cold like a Saskatchewan winter. It's salty as a summer day in the streets of Montreal. As unpredictable as the weather in a singular Calgary day. The North Sound is ever-changing with the world around us, encompassing each and every pivotal moment, from road trips as a kid to finding your way as an adult. It's feeling lost but knowing you're loved. The North Sound is an attempt at trying to close the gap reflected in the vast space of the open Canadian landscape. 

Forming in the summer of 2012, The North Sound has been working hard to shape their sound into what has become an original take on folk, rock and pop genres. Their "Soul-Folk" sound can only be described as truly Canadian. The North Sound is currently in the studio working on their first record titled "The Valley" set to drop late 2016. 


Moël (Mewael Hadera) is a singer-songwriter from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  After moving to Calgary, Alberta in late 2014, he started writing soulful acoustic-pop songs filled with emotion. Following in the footsteps of artists like Passenger, Allen Stone and Justin Nozuka, Raconteur will make you feel every word he sings.

DJ Yung Jaah

DJ Yung Jaah from Kumasi in Ghana is considered to be one of the baddest DJs in the game.  Now living in Calgary, he brings his energetic sounds to the city. Djing for 6 years now with his love for music and mixing, he makes Djing look easy... He has DJ for some of the top african artists around.


Sykologist is a Calgary based Hip-Hop artist, well known in his city as an entertainer and an artist who's conscious lyrics speak the reality to advocate the youth. He has performed at events organized by credible organizations such as Afrikadey! Festival, United Way Calgary, 10 at 10 hip hop showcase and other well known venues and clubs in Calgary.

Sykologist has opened and shared stage with famous artists such as Davido, Angelique Kidjo, Shaad K, Bovi, Emmanuel Jal and others. His appearances on local television include 'The Sunday Omony Show' on Shaw TV and CTV's Breakfast Television.  In 2013 he released his debut album titled 'Doubted And Achieving' ; and since, he has headlined concerts in Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg. His artistic journey has also taken him to other places such as Lethbridge, Vancouver, Nashville and Kansas in the United States. 

His latest release includes 'Afro Girl' and 'All of you (remix)' Music video.  Sykologist is now back in the studio to deliver another Album which he plans to release this summer.


Born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and currently living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, DJ AK works as a DJ/Event Promoter since 2007.  He works in major nightclubs, private events, self organized events and community events all over the city. DJ AK opened concerts for international artists like Gypsian, Jacky Gossy, Davido, Iyanya and more... He has also produced many mix CDs.

Stephane Nouz


Stephane Mouaffo Nouwezem, better known by his stage name Stephane Nouz, is a rapper, singer and songwriter from Cameroon based in Calgary, Alberta. Before being the sensation of the moment in the city, he outlined his talent since his very young age where he grew up. After moving to Calgary in mid 2014, he opened his sound (Hip-hop & Rap) into a more deep and introspective vibe. He released his second mixtape a year after, mixed with varieties of genres such as: afro-beats, trap, RnB, Pop, and many more. His authenticity made him get the attention of local medias, who then had him perform around the city. He worked with a couple of well known Cameroonian artists and is currently working on some dope projects with a couple guest stars in Canada. His energetic hype on stage is amazing. More to come …

Reggaetone (Dance)

Born in and inspired by the natural rhythms of Jamaica, Ashford Baker created the ReggaeTone fitness practice to help people reconnect with their body and energy, using music and aerobic movement no matter their shape, size or ability. 

Growing up in Calgary, with a passion for physical fitness and its impact on mental health, Ash went off to refine this practice while attending University of British Columbia. Upon returning to the city he loves in 2007, he created Reggaetone in 2013 - a fusion of aerobics, pilates and core strength. He now offers ReggaeTone group-fit classes, personal training and fit camps in Calgary and the surrounding area. Come feel the riddim :) 


25th Anniversary Edition