Note: artist line-up may change due to unforeseen circumstances

Rocky Dawuni

This international music sensation’s journey began in Ghana. During Dawuni’s childhood there was major political and military unrest; music provided a soundtrack of understanding and expression for Dawuni. These experiences have shaped him into humanitarian he is today.

At the University of Ghana, while studying philosophy and psychology, Dawani dedicated much of his free time to exploring new musical influences like Jamaican reggae, and American funk and soul. Dawani found this music compelling and could relate with the messages of unity and hope.

Rocky Dawani has had great musical success and continues to use his talents to serve as a bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. He has shared the stage with countless musicians including, Stevie Wonder, Bono, John Legend, and Jason Mraz.  Rocky has an undeniable passion for music, education and his country. Be sure to check out this reggae sensation this year at, Afrikadey! 2015 World Music Festival. 




At a very young age, Wiyaala attracted attention as an entertainer, artist and athlete. Her Madonna/Michael Jackson inspired performances always provided much notoriety in the village. After school, she gravitated to the local music scene in Wa and was featured on local recordings as a session singer. In due course, she saved enough money to record an album of her own songs at Echo Soundz in Wa.

In 2011, Wiyaala auditioned for Stars of The Future and emerged as the second runner-up. In 2012, she entered the Vodafone Icons reality show and lead her group Black n Peach to victory.

To further her musical journey, Wiyaala left Back N Peach to persue a solo career.  She is now using her song writing talents to advocate for women’s rights in her native Ghana. Her love for her Ghanaian upbringing is reflected in her beautiful and powerful ballads. Her messages of positivity have made her an icon and inspiration for young Ghanaians. Her mission is on of love, peace, and celebration. Afrikadey! 2015 World Music Festival is thrilled to welcome Wiyaala to this years lineup. 




Sonia Aimy 

Sonia Aimy is a Nigerian songwriter, singer, actress and art coach. She is currently calling Toronto, Canada home. In her teens Sonia sang at a Catholic Church in Benin City, Nigeria.

To further her study of music and performing she enrolled in the Esigie Cultural Group, in Italy. Her time there awarded her great opportunities; she has performed all over Europe. Sonia’s talents have also landed her several starring roles in Italian films. 

Sonia Aimy speaks several languages including English, Italian, and several African dialects, allowing for her music to reach a wide range of audiences. Her undeniable musical talent is matched only by her bright and captivating stage presence. Her style is an amalgamation of folk and afrojazz.  Having Sonia Aimy perform at Afrikadey! 2015 World Music Festival is an opportunity for audiences to experience her joyous and vibrant musical style. 


Bill Clinton Kalonji 

Kalonji has been a dominant force on the music scene for over 20 years, starting his musical career with the well known, and greatly celebrated Congolese group Wenge Musica Maison Mëre.

In 2004, Kalonji forged his own path by creating the group Marquis de Samouraï. He is often referred to as ‘the best showmen of Congolese music’, and we agree! His sound is a mix of soukous and Congolese rumba; his rhythms and beats are infectious. His life is all about the music and he is involved in every aspect of the process. Kalonji is not just an award winning singer; he is also a rapper, composer, producer and choreographer. Bill Clinton Kalonji embodies the spirit of Afrikadey! We are excited for him to share his passion with Calgary. 


Nya Soleil 

It was clear that Nya was born to perform; at the age of 6 he made himself a bamboo guitar. In his hometown of New Bell Douala in Cameroon, Nya would perform at school dances, and neighborhood parties. He found great success with the release of his first album in 1987, titled There is a Sun Somewhere. He continues to share his love of music with audiences around the world.

Nya’s musical styling is a mix of African and Parisian beats, based on his musical foundation of; jazz, bossa nova, passo doble, salsa, and funk.  He uses the electric guitar to bring life to the stage during his energetic performances. Calgary audiences will be enchanted by his warm voice and inviting demeanor. 


Bata Osun

This will be Bata Osun's second year at Afrikadey! after a wonderful performance at last year's festival. Bata Osun are fourth generation Yoruba drummers. The group originated 20 years ago in the Osun State of Nigeria by the forefathers of the drummer family. 

The group’s current members, whose ages range between 20 and 40, have been drumming since they were born. Taught by their father, Bata drumming is in this group’s blood as they are inspired by the gangan beauty of the drums, sound and melody, and traditional Yoruba music.

The group has performed all over the world including; Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Brazil and the United States. This will be Bata Osun's second trip to Canada in two years; they are recongized as ambassadors of the Yoruba arts and culture and good representatives of rich Nigerian traditions. We are thrilled to be having Bata Osun back again this year to be performing their traditional drumming at Afrikadey!








  Alula Band 

Alula Band was founded in 2007 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Alula has grown from a local group performing at small local venues, to an internationally traveled band. The band has played their music for audiences from Asia to the Middle East. Afrikadey! is pleased to share their undeniable talent with Calgary. 









Yemimah is a 20 year old, Urban R&B/Pop singer and songwriter residing in Calgary, Canada. She is Equatorian, which is East African Sudanese and Arabic decent. Yemimah speaks English, Kakwa tribal language and Arabic which she incorporates into her music. The Equatorian songstress was born and raised for the first 4 years of her life in Sudan after which her mother Margaret and father Woja moved the family to Kenya where her sister Faith was born. The family then decided to move to Canada and permanently claim residence.

Yemimah is currently signed to Rosner Management Services and has a very strong online presence and fan base around the world as seen on her videos and Soundcloud. She will be touring extensively throughout Canada’s major cities on the rise up tour and would appreciate your consideration in radio airplay for her single "Tell me something".She has recently been signed to AMG/ UNIVERSAL and is making a great impression worldwide. Afrikadey! 2015 World Music Festival is excited to host this local music sensation. 




The Rondel Roberts Band

The Rondel Roberts Band is a Neo-Soul band from Calgary, Alberta. “Neo-Soul” is a broad facet of music that borrows from a variety of classic and modern genres such as Motown, post bop jazz, hip-hop, and funk. The Rondel Roberts band is a groove/backbeat-oriented project with contemporary original content and a variety of timeless influences. The band offers audiences authentic interpretations of these influences with performances that adorn reggae, dancehall, pop and even some 60;s rock music.  


Tube driven guitar tones, “Sweet spot” bass line, pulsating drums topped with sultry vocals are characteristics that draw listeners to TRRB’s profound songwriting and masterful soundscaping.

This Calgary based band rounds out Afrikadey!’s musical line up, be sure to check them out! 

Hawa Hunt

Hawa Hunt was born in Makeni, Sierra Leone.  She grew up amidst a civil war. Although living in this civil unrest was difficult it gave her a great appreciation for life, beauty, and perseverance.

Hawa has lived around the world, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Chile, her upbringing and collective experiences have shaped her musical style. She uses her music to positively influence the youth of Sierra Leone. Hawa host an annual event in her home country to feed impoverished youth.

Her motto in life is, when everything goes silent, Music can bring back the energy.

We here at Afrikadey! are excited to feel Hawa’s energy! 


The Lost Lemons UNO Band


The Lost Lemons from Calgary AB are a bombardment of catchy and high energy ska-reggae-rock, consisting of permanent members Chris Sipko (guitar), Josh Marshall (bass), and Danny San Martin (vocals) and Ricky Pinhal (drums). Paying homage to the glory days of long-beach punk, the band lays down a healthy set list of peppy originals and classic covers, keeping dance floors moshin' and jammin'. With excellent variation and tempo control, The Lost Lemons transition from high velocity guitar solos and breathtaking vocal deliveries to smooth and tender switch-ups and serenades. The Lost Lemons have that friendly, do-no-harm kind of sound - the sound that once upon a time we listened to on our discmans – embodying the youthful and vigorous spirit that good times are made of. Do yourself a favour and go see them live!"


UNO Band Nomadic Massive


Uno is a latin fusion band from Calgary formed in 2012 by three Venezuelan friends Arturo Rondon (vocals, guitar), Juan Antoni (drums) and Pedro Acosta (bass, vocals). Uno’s sound is the result of simple songwriting (mostly in Spanish) reinforced by the blend of latin rhythms like salsa and bossa with other traditional genres like funk, rock and for the most part reggae music.


After five years playing together Arturo, Juan and Pedro felt ready to embark in a mature musical project, so based on the believes and ideas of unity and oneness they named this project ‘‘Uno’’ (Spanish for ‘One’).


Uno began its activities in 2013 participating at the latin fest ‘‘Fiestaval’’ and at the Venezuelan fair ‘‘Venezuelan Culture Days’’. In 2014 Uno made a name for themselves in the Calgary’s music scene. After playing for the second consecutive year at Fiestaval , Uno found a spot to participate in the Calgary International Reggaefest. The guys performed an acoustic set in the Reggaefest’ activity: ‘‘Reggae between continents’’, an event that took place in the National Music Centre where the band had the opportunity to meet and jam with Jamaican world touring band Raging Fyah and Calgary’s own Jory Kinjo. After this first experience with the Reggaefest family, Uno also presented its repertoire on the main stage with the full band on the first day of the festival.


2015 it’s been promising year for the band with a busy show schedule and opportunities like sharing the stage with reggae music legend Luciano, who came all the way from Jamaica. The bands is currently recording their original music and are going to be presenting their productions through out this year.



Nomadic Massive

Probably the secret HipHop best kept in Montreal, Nomadic Massive raps in English, French, Spanish, Creole and Arabic. One group, 5 singers, 5 languages. Never seen. The multilingual combo is based in Montreal but did carry his message far beyond the borders, providing a Hip-hop with open minds and traditional influences. Combining samples, turntables and real instruments, the group offers cheerfully mixed explosive performances that stir the crowds. With two albums - Nomad's Land (2006) and Nomadic Massive (2009) - and two EP - Supafam Mixtape (2012) and Any Sound (2013) - the collective is currently recording her third album, due out in spring, 2015.


DJ Newboy

From the age of seven, DJ Newboy developed a passion for music and performing that led to his interest as an entertainer. He moved to Canada in his senior year of High School, where he met DJ Greg at a family Christmas Party. Greg became a mentor for Newboy by teaching him valuable techniques such as speaker set-up and takedown. He took Newboy to the Calgary African club Ganga Lounge, where he gained necessary experience in the craft of DJing. When Newboy turned 18, he began visiting night clubs around Calgary, watching how other DJs performed. His favorite DJ was DJ Brotherman, who played at the Whiskey every Friday night. Inspired by other DJs, Newboy bought his own equipment and began practicing at home. Months later, he hosted his first party at Ganga Lounge.


One night at the Whiskey, Brotherman asked Newboy to cover him for a short break. When Brotherman returned, he decided to sit back and allowed Newboy to continue offering his brand of music to the club’s patrons. With Brotherman’s help, DJ Newboy slowly took over The Whiskey Night Club. From there his success continued to sky rocket. He hosted numerous parties including the first Black and Yellow party in Calgary. Newboy has also opened up for numerous artists including Chamilionaire, Nelly, Ice Cube, Big Sean, Bonics (Wiz Khalifa's DJ), DJ 4our 5ive (Lil Wayne's DJ), DJ Baby Yuh (Young Jeezy's Dj) and others. New and exciting things are expected from Newboy in the future. "Dream new and dream big" he says



Kalabanté artists have had and continue to have the chance to perform with several large circuses all over the world thanks to their wide network of contacts.

The shows produced by Kalabanté are addressed to a worldwide audience, especially the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa. Their art is appreciated by all age groups and adapted into French, Susu and English.

The organization plays a very important role in the artistic community by creating a bridge between African professional artists and their audience. They are proud to share their West African culture in Canada and around the world, with the aim of providing humanitarian aid to their community of origin, Guinea.

Multiculturalism shows people that it is possible to be united together, communicate, and live together despite differences of origin. It also helps to educate the public by allowing them to really see culture through a character.

Since its inception, Kalabanté Productions created and produced four shows, and a fifth is currently in progress. “We want our audience to feel at home when we perform, no matter the venue,” said Yamoussa Bangoura, founder and artistic director.


MELVINA is a quartet that features some of Calgary's most talented musicians. Each member has established themselves in the live music scene by means of meticulous freelance work, writing, recording and regular performance. 

The band is led by Jazz Vocalist and Pianist, Kate Melvina. She is backed by a rhythm section that consists of musicians that have vast experience in Soul, RnB, Funk and various world genres such as Latin Jazz and Reggae. Their performance consists of a selection of timeless covers by artists that have defined the path of popular music. Reminiscent of the sound of the legendary record label, "Motown", "MELVINA" offers an audience a modern interpretation of throwback and contemporary dance music. They cover pioneers like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Prince and Marvin Gaye while incorporating avant garde selections from modern chart toppers and the odd rare gem.